Some time ago we ask ourselves: How can hours and minutes be communicated through graphic elements? We decided that 12 fields apearing each by hour represent the first half day. These fields disappear successively for the other half day. Bit by bit emerging minutes then added to this process - represented by graphic elements as well. The fields for the minutes are usally structured in 12 groups with 5 pieces, 6 groups with 10 pieces, or otherwise.

Our artistic program is to divide a certain number of fields
by the use of construction lines in order to create a new unity.

The drawings that build the base for our watches resemble Yantras - and their meaning is similar : Both instruments remind the viewer that all existence is a manifestation of an eternal pattern
- maybe a 'formless realm'.

Designs of the first cycle (-published 2004 - 2009)
Triangles, Circles, Squares, other Shapes

Currently we are creating our second cycle of integral timing designs, and now additionally we ask ourselves:

What else can possibly be done?

We expand our design-scheme to 720 fields
- all 12 hour-minutes appear progressively (sample).
Optionally the 60-minute-group turns partially every hour (sample).

Our art of displaying time through geometric patterns is inspired by architecture, sacred geometry, mandalas, crop circles..

AYA spiral 2010 - Crop circle italy 2012

Gallery of second cycle (-started 2010)