WHAT WE DO HERE - Art of progressive time-taking

With this website we establish our alternative view on time, which we call Integral Timing*. We are confident this could broaden the viewer's imagination on the miracle of time. We are sure that our artworks also contains some kind of 'Freedom from Time'**. And Yes, you can find this in yourself, because it is part of your origin. To put it in a nutshell:

We make 24-hour-movies, that might be used as a watch.

On this website we offer Flash files (here & here)
that show the system time of the executing device.

To see our 24-hour-movies a Flash-Player is required.

There is no need to explain a 'dependent on the system clock',
because smart users can track the function themselves.

screen shot aya-lotus on win7

We claim our flash files display integral-timing*,
but they are also a representation of an included time taking,
because the viewer's insight is part of this holistic process.


Integral Timing
A blend of analog & digital view on time

Displayed fields for the hours, minutes and seconds
are following the on/off-princip - it is an
expression in digits, they count in „1” or „0” ;

„1” = Field is „shown up” on the display
„0” = Field is „off” (- except shadow in background)
To count certain units with symbolic elements
is also known as 'Unary Numeral System'.

AYA-watch - Tallyman

On the other hand, the hours appear in a kind of circle, and therefore
they are a similar rendition of the well known analog watch display.
The analog-view on time represents the path of the sun
over the sky, which is caused by the circulation of the earth.

AM & PM Scheme - High Noon at 12 o'Clock - Midnight at 6 o'clock
AM & PM Scheme: High Noon at 12 o'Clock - Midnight at 6 o'clock


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'Freedom from Time'

This term was introduced by Jean Gebser
in his book 'The Ever-present Origin'
... / The Irruption of Time ...

AYA-watch Sphere


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